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 Walk with StarClan

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PostSubject: Walk with StarClan   Mon Aug 15, 2011 2:25 pm


MoonLeaves is located in a cavern in a cliff side. it is a hollow from above, but the only entrance is a cave in the cliff side, a few foxlengths from above the ground. The cavern is perfectly round and above it, trees grow close to the edge, the roots sticking out of the cavern sides. Leaves drop in through the hole and moonlight shines in too. The fallen leaves never die and the cavern has a damp chill to it. The fallen leaves are always coated with starry dew. The cats licked a drop of dew from the leaves to dream with StarClan.

Clans and their Medicine Cats

Medicine Cat: ??
Medicine Cat Apprentice: ??

Medicine Cat: Blacktail
Medicine Cat Apprentice: ??

Medicine Cat: Dustcloud
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Rosepaw

Medicine Cat: ??
Medicine Cat Apprentice: ??
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Walk with StarClan
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