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 Mislead Warriors

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Flamestar – pale golden tom with dark red flame like spots over his eyes and his paws. His eyes are dark amber.


Darktooth – Dark gray, almost black tom with bright blue eyes and pure black legs.

Medicine Cat-

Dapplelight – cream colored she-cat with golden spots like sun shining through the trees. Her eyes are green, apprentice, Rosestorm.


Sharkclaw – pale gray tom with a white belly and paws and darker face and tail. He has blue eyes.
Cranefrost – white tom with a gray neck, a white line down the back of his neck. He has frosty blue eyes.
Gullcry – jumpy pale gray she-cat with white patches and amber-green eyes.
Gravelfall – gray tom with lighter dots on his flanks and green eyes.
Emberthroat – orange tabby she-cat with green eyes
Bladeleap – agile black tom with long legs and green eyes.
Paledawn – pale gray she-cat with golden legs and blue eyes.
Wrenleaf – pale sandy colored she-cat with white toes and chin and blue eyes. She is thin.


Swanpaw – pure white she-cat with long feathery fur and ginger legs. Her toes are black and her face too. She has piercing light blue eyes. Ripplepaw is her brother and Duckpaw her brother.
Ripplepaw – blue-gray tom with black and dark gray tabby markings like waves on water. He has dark stormy blue eyes. Swanpaw and Duckpaw are his sisters.
Duckpaw – light brown she-cat with darker brown and white markings on her tail, flank and neck. The top of her head and ears too. She has a black muzzle and her face is light brown and her legs are golden. She has a cream belly and amber eyes. Ripplepaw is her brother and Swanpaw her sister.
Whitepaw – White she-cat with green eyes.
Spiderpaw – Black she-cat with white paws and blue eyes
Pigeonpaw – gray tom with blue eyes and a black ring around his neck and white tail tip. He has blue eyes. Whitepaw is his sister.


Rainlight – blue she-cat with green eyes and dark paws.


Herontail – white tom with green eyes and a black line down each side.
Glidingfish – sleek silver she-cat with blue eyes. Was one of the best swimmers.



Hoofstar - Brown and white tom with large black paws and amber eyes.


Goldensun - golden she-cat with a white belly and blue eyes.

Medicine Cat-

Hawkdust - brown tom with black paws and amber eyes.


Blacktail - black and white tom with one green and one blue eye.
Greengaze - white tom with green eyes, apprentice, Redpaw.
Longleap - tall white tom with blue eyes, he can jump high.
Crowjump - black she-cat with white toes and belly and green eyes.
Barkpelt - brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes, apprentice, Silverpaw.



Sunstar - golden tabby she-cat with orange stripes and amber eyes. she is very old.


Rosefrost - cream colored she-cat with amber eyes, apprentice, Sandpaw.

Medicine Cat-

Russetflight - Brown tabby she-cat with green eyes, apprentice, Mousepaw.


Lionclaw - golden tom with amber eyes and long neck fur and a fluffy tail.
Brackenshine - brown she-cat with light golden tabby stripes and green eyes.
Foxfur - dark orange-brown tom with a white tail tip, muzzle and belly and black legs. he has amber eyes, apprentice, Blackpaw.
Blueheart - blue tabby she-cat with green eyes, apprentice Riverpaw.
Tabbyfire - white she-cat with dark orange tabby markings and green eyes.



Swiftstar - white tom with black paws and long legs. he has blue eyes.


Streamfur - light silver she-cat with blue eyes and dark gray tabby markings.

Medicine Cat-

Beetletail - black tom with a brown tail and green eyes.


Mossrose - black she-cat with green eyes, apprentice, Petalpaw.
Starlingdusk - black she-cat with white spots and brown legs and blue eyes.
Whitewind - fast white tom with black streaks down his sides and blue eyes.
Goldenray - White tom with a golden line from his nose to tail tip and amber eyes, apprentice, Halfpaw.
Tanpelt - tan colored tom with blue eyes.

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My Charries:
FireClan - Cinderstar, Sanddusk, Fallowpaw, Darktail, Cloverheart.
GladeClan - Whitedash, Blacktail, Raypaw
ForestClan - Rosepaw, Lightstorm, Stonepaw
DewClan - Sunny, Tabbyfire, Duskpaw

Kits - Mistkit and Darkkit

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Mislead Warriors
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