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 medicine cat herbs

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BORAGE LEAVES - To be eaten-Great for nursing queens as it helps increase their supply of milk. Also brings down fever.
BURDOCK ROOT - The roots chewed up into a pulp can be applied to rat bites. Cures infection.
CATMINT - The best remedy for greencough.
CHERVIL - The juice of chervil leaves can be used for infected wounds. The roots help with bellyache.
COBWEB - Used to wrap around the injury, soak up the blood, and keep it clean. Stops bleeding.
COLTSFOOT - The leaves can be chewed into a pulp, which is eaten to help shortness of breath.
COMFREY - Chewed into a poultice to mend broken bones or soothe wounds.
DOCK - The leaf can be chewed up and applied to soothe scratches.
DRIED OAK LEAF - Stops infection.
FEVERFEW - Can be eaten to cool down body temperature, particularly for cats with fever or chills.
GOLDENROD - Made into a poultice it's great for healing wounds.
HONEY - Great for soothing infections or the throats of cats that have breathed smoke.
HORSETAIL - Leaves can be used to treat infected wounds. Usually chewed up and applied as a poultice.
JUNIPER BERRIES - Berries soothe bellyaches and help cats who are having trouble breathing.
LAVENDER - Cures fever.
MARIGOLD - Petals can be chewed into a pulp and applied to wounds, stops infection.
MOUSEBILE - Used for getting rid of ticks. Wash paws afterward!
POPPYSEEDS - Fed to cats to help them sleep. Soothes cats suffering from shock and distressed. Not recommended for nursing queens.
STINGING NETTLE - Seeds can be administered to a cat who's swallowed posion. The leaves can be applied to a wound to bring down swelling.
TANSY - Good for curing coughs, must be eaten in small doses.
THYME - Can be eaten to calm anxiety and frayed nerves.
WATERMINT - Chewed into a pulp and then fed to a cat suffering bellyache.
WILD GARLIC - Rolling in a patch of wild garlic can help prevent infection, especially for dangerous wounds like rat bites.
YARROW - Leaves can be made into a poultice and applied to wounds.
MUD - helps draw the poison from a snake bite.
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medicine cat herbs
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