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 Who are the mods/admins?

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Who are the mods/admins? Empty
PostSubject: Who are the mods/admins?   Who are the mods/admins? EmptySun Jan 08, 2012 1:23 pm

The mods and admins, well we know what they are there for, but who are they? This topic is so you know who to go to, and learn a little about us, here at Clanrpg, we enjoy knowing the members more personally.

šтяeαмfeαтħeя - That's me, the creator of these forums! I mainly make myself busy with welcoming new members, making contests, editing, adding and managing topics, sub forums and the contests.
I'm english, though I live in the Netherlands due to my Dutch stepfather, and I love singing and writing.
(She's a pretty boss singer :3 I watched her on Youtube Razz -17)

~*Tigerpirit*~ The other mods and I call her Leo, due to her name on the official WC Forums. She's artistic, friendly and one of the first friends I made on forum. She helped me get hold of the ropes in some ways. She mainly does the avatars and makes many artistic things here on the forums. She's a great help!
(Hey all! XD ~Tiger)

Foxstar26 - This is a very good friend of mine, She has been since as long as I remember. All the mods here are friends of mine in some way. She is stubborn, sarcastic but funny and she strongly believes in what she thinks is right. She doesn't really do much more of the mod thing than be a member, but she keeps an eye on things when she's here, which is all I really expect of her. I call her fox, but names can range from 26, to Phox, of Foxworth.
(You forgot to say I was epic xD - Fox)

Smalltail17 - This is '17' as we all call her, Some call her Small though. This too is a good friend, though I don't know her as long. She fits right in here and she is a big help with her for example, the thread she made in this sub forum, for if new members need help. She's a great writer and a lot of fun to be around. (I also come up with a lot of ideas. -17)
(I'm also known as Smallington! ;D -17)
(Tsk, tsk, tsk. Hawkerz you need to capitalize proper nouns xD -17)

>>Follower - This is another artistic wonder, but she doesn't do animations like Leo, She is amazing with realism! She's bubbly and friendly to everyone. She gave me the idea for a chat sub forum! She is also my country-buddy <3 (we're both british).

Thornpatch - I don't know him as well, but he's part of our little forum family xD. He is 'specially close to Fox. He is kind and funny and he is a general mod, as in he helps people keep to the rules.

Sin of an Angel - This is a friend of mine from real life, I've known him for over ten years and I have him to thank for the looks of these forums. He is funny and smart.

šтяeαмfeαтħeя <3

Friends- Foxstar26, 17, Follow, Thornpatch and Tigerspirit

My Charries:
FireClan - Cinderstar, Sanddusk, Fallowpaw, Darktail, Cloverheart.
GladeClan - Whitedash, Blacktail, Raypaw
ForestClan - Rosepaw, Lightstorm, Stonepaw
DewClan - Sunny, Tabbyfire, Duskpaw

Kits - Mistkit and Darkkit

I support Dumbo X Timothy elephantI love you
Put this in your siggie if you support them!
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Who are the mods/admins?
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