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 The Territories

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PostSubject: The Territories    Sun Jan 08, 2012 4:08 pm

General Description:
A slight rain shadow makes part of the area dry and with only remote sources of water. The rest of the area is rich with vegetation due to the numerous rivers and lakes that originate from the snow melt from the mountain tops. Along the mountain, excluding around FireClan, pine trees are abundant and especially so in the ???Clan area. Temperate deciduous forest is the dominant terrain and is consistent through 3 of the 5 Clans. Twoleg nests are to the South and East of the territories, leaving ???Clan free from most of their activities.

The Clans: (Starting from the red-orange section and moving clockwise)
???Clan (More info to come)

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GladeClan: Swiftstar, Raventalon, Icecrystal
FireClan: Tigerpaw, Copperkit, Goldkit
DewClan: Hollykit, Blackkit, Blizzardkit
ForestClan: Dustcloud, Weaselpaw, Smokepaw
Rogue: DC
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The Territories
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