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 Dreamclan's New Start. Ch.1

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Dreamclan's New Start. Ch.1 Empty
PostSubject: Dreamclan's New Start. Ch.1   Dreamclan's New Start. Ch.1 EmptyMon May 07, 2012 12:22 pm


Hello young warriors and kittypets alike. Have you ever heard stories about Dreamclan? No? Well then I shall tell you. How do I know them? Well. I was their leader once. But we disbanded, fell apart.

Dreamclan, a clan that was made by a kittypet with a dream. Dream was a black tom with green eyes. One night he recieved a dream. A Starclan cat came to him.
"Dream, you must go into the forest. Gather the cats that are waiting for you there and you will live happily together. Like a fmaily. And you willl lead them You will be Dreamstar of Dreamclan" The Starclan cat looked at him and smiled. "However your clan will have many hardships. You must learn to deal with them or you will surely parish." The cat touched Dream's nose with hers and disappeared.
Dream awoke from his dream with a start and looked around. He yawned, "What a weird dream" he said outloud and walked out the open backdoor into the yard.
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Dreamclan's New Start. Ch.1
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