Welcome to our community! These aren't the official Forums for the Warrior Cats, but it's still a fun place to be! You can RP as Clan cats, or people or anything, it's all possible! You can chat, share your creations, whether they are stories or pictures!
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PostSubject: Join in the contest!   Join in the contest! EmptySun May 20, 2012 1:33 pm

The contest has been lengthened. Click the link for more information. Please give it a go, I want to get this place back up and active. I will try too, give it a go.

List of places to advertise:

-Facebook (there are many pages based on warrior cats)
-Telling friends who are fans
-Deviantart or any other website for artists

^^ Let me know of anymore. I strongly recommend you don't advertise on the official forums, as this website is an outside link and that is against their rules.

Thank you! All info is at the link!

šтяeαмfeαтħeя <3

Friends- Foxstar26, 17, Follow, Thornpatch and Tigerspirit

My Charries:
FireClan - Cinderstar, Sanddusk, Fallowpaw, Darktail, Cloverheart.
GladeClan - Whitedash, Blacktail, Raypaw
ForestClan - Rosepaw, Lightstorm, Stonepaw
DewClan - Sunny, Tabbyfire, Duskpaw

Kits - Mistkit and Darkkit

I support Dumbo X Timothy elephantI love you
Put this in your siggie if you support them!
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Join in the contest!
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