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 Double art contest

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Double art contest Empty
PostSubject: Double art contest   Double art contest EmptyMon Jun 17, 2013 6:10 pm

This is a new, more creative contest and a double one at that. There is an art contest and a writing contest. You can join in one or both or neither. 

Art contest
Make warrior fan art/comics/anything artsy and submit it by august the 1st. On that date, I'll choose a winner and a runner up with help from my judges.

Judges cannot enter the competition the are judging.

To join in:
Screenname - 
Picture of art - 
Title - 
Other - 

To judge the art contest:
Screenname - 
Other - 


Writing contest
Write about anything warriors or even about the bears or dogs. Anything Erin Hunter. Be creative! Enter by august 1st and I'll choose a winner and runner-up with help of the judges.

Same goes here, judges cannot enter the competition they are judging.

To join in:
Username - 
Title - 
Characters - 
Summary - 
Other - 
Story - 

To judge:
Username - 
Other - 

1st place - Moderator of the creative subforum and/or contest subforum. Gets to make an admin-made clan.
Runner-up - moderator of the creative subforum.

(this goes for both contests)

be creative and have fun!

šтяeαмfeαтħeя <3

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Double art contest Empty
PostSubject: Re: Double art contest   Double art contest EmptyTue Jul 02, 2013 6:44 pm

I want to join the writing contest.

Username- Oakfeather
Title - The Torturerous World of Spottedthorn
Characters - (my role play characters plus a few others, but here they are) Spottedthorn (Spottedkit grown up), Silvercloud, Swiftstar, Silverfang (Silverkit grown up), Rune, Nova, Dimfire, Dagger, Heartfire, Sun.  (And a lot of made up rogues and clan cats, plus Swiftstar, Tigerspirits cat)
Summary - Spottedthorn is a very evil cat, kind of like the Tigerstar of these four clans.  After his mate died, he cracked, and was kicked out of the clans.
Other - This is based on something that I want to happen in Gladeclan, and have had in my head for a while.
Story -


The moonlight illuminated the bloodstained grass, as well as the gray pelts of two cats.  The tom was looking down at the she-cat, tears falling on her bloodstained tabby fur.  The cat looked up at the tom with a look of pain.

"Spottedthorn... I'm sorry."  Spottedthorn stroked her white and silver fur with his tail, his amber eyes reflecting the cat's blue.

"No!  Silverfang, please don't leave me."  He yowled, gazing down at her torn throat.  He knew who had dealt the blow.  Silverfang's own sister, Dimfire.  Rage filled Spottedthorn as his mate's eyes grew dim, and her head fell to the ground.  He would get payback.  Not just on Dimfire, but on ALL of the clans.

Ch. 1

Spottedthorn walked into the Gladeclan camp, his eyes red from tears.  Swiftstar noticed him entering.  

"Spottedthorn, where were you?  Heartfire put you on dawn patrol yesterday.  You weren't there when we left."  From the smell of him, Swiftstar had just been visiting his mate, the real deputy Silvercloud.  Heartfire was just stepping in.  His mate was close to having kits, and he visited her everyday.

"I was out hunting."  Spottedthorn replied coldly, not meeting the Leander's gaze.  "Not much prey at night."  Swiftstar nodded, then began to pad towards his den.  Before he did, he turned to the young warrior.

"You should get some food and sleep.  I can tell you need it."  With that, he disappeared up the tree.  Spottedthorn clenched his teeth, and walked over to the pile of fresh-kill. He selected a squirrel, and brought to the darkest part of the warrior's den, where his nest was.

He slept after eating, and only woke when his mother, a senior warrior by the name of Goldenpath, came to get him.

"You look greif-stricken.  Are you still mourning Moonfur?"  Moonfur, the brave warrior whom Spottedthorn called father.  Even though he was from Fireclan, the cat had eventually settled in and was treated with respect.

His father had been struck down by a warrior of his old clan, and it had left a ragged scar on Spottedthorn's ear, then called Spottedpaw.  In fact, it was the night Moonfur died that Spottedthorn met Silerfang and earned his warrior name.  His life just hadn't been the same after that.

-work in progress-

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Double art contest
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